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WSoptics — The highest level of innovation

WSoptics pioneers new ways in the development of manufacturing processes. We develop computer-based intelligence that simplifies and optimizes production processes. Join us and be a part of our shared success.

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 is the actual integration of the computer into industrial manufacturing. Traditionally, the power of computers is reduced to tasks merely accompanying the manufacturing process. The computer is a tool, not an entity in charge of intelligent decisions. Humans still need to do the thinking.

WSoptics makes this power accessible for more revolutionary changes. Our commitment is to bring artificial intelligence into manufacturing processes to make use of these yet unused potentials.

At WSoptics, we are also already working on Industry 5.0.

Product overview

WSi4 is a 3D Software that integrates all aspects of metal manufacturing, from construction to the complete assembly. WSi4 can be tested for free.

WSweld is a complete laser welding solution that can be readily integrated into already installed laser cutters.

Our sheet metal online shop allows sheet metal manufacturers to offer a custom sheet metal shop system to their customers. Users can easily calculate and order their own laser parts, press brake parts, and entire sheet metal assemblies.

WSqr is an integrated marking solution for existing flatbed laser cutters. It works autonomously and embeds fully into existing processes, receiving all its information automatically from an existing ERP system.