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WSweld is a complete laser welding solution that can be readily integrated into already installed laser cutters. It was awarded the EuroBLECH 2016 Award in the category The Young Generation. With a simple swap of the processing heads, the laser cutter is instantly turned into a laser welder and back.

  • Changing heads means changing technology
  • Both processes: Heat conduction and deep penetration welding
  • Significantly lower investment than with traditional laser welding machine
  • Existing high-quality CO2 laser is used
  • Plug and play: the machine can always be switched between laser cutting and welding within 10 minutes
  • New markets become accessible with this technological lead
  • Welding requires cutting — higher utilization of existing capacities
  • Personnel already trained for existing machine
  • Modular processing table allows installation of fixtures parallel to the machine’s productive time
  • Easy-to-use 3D software automatically generates programs for machine

Our YouTube channel shows applications of WSweld. This pamphlet gives further technical details about WSweld.

Laser Welding Head TC08

WSweld Laser Welding Head TC08

A simple switch of the cutting head with the WSweld Laser Welding Head TC08 transforms the laser cutter into a laser welder.

  • Both deep penetration and heat conduction welding combined in one welding head
  • Active cooling of all optical elements
  • Coaxially flowing welding gas for perfect laser welding seams
  • Cross-jet prevents impurities from reaching optical elements
  • Active collision detection

The WSweld Laser Welding Head TC08 is compatible with the following machine types:

  • TRUMPF TruLaser 3030 classic
  • TRUMPF TruLaser 5030 classic
  • TRUMPF Trumatic L2530
  • TRUMPF Trumatic L3030
  • TRUMPF Trumatic L3040
  • TRUMPF Trumatic L3050
WSweld Laser Welding Head TC08

Modular Processing Table

Modularer Processing Table

The WSweld Modular Processing Table makes positioning the workpiece within the machine very simple.

  • Fixed-grid mounting holes allow high positioning flexibility
  • Offers large amount of space for workpieces which in turn allows for modular fixtures designsModular
  • Installation of fixtures can be done while machine is in use
  • Modular processing tables can be combined to allow even large space workpiece space
  • For workpieces of sizes up to 1000mm x 500mm x 350mm per modular processing table
Modularer Processing Table

3D Programming Suite

3D Prgogramming Suite

The intuitive 3D programming suite leads the way straight from a 3D model to the finished assembly.

  • Fully integrates all available technologies
  • Automatically checks workpiece sizes via simulation
  • Direct generation of ready-to-use machine programs
3D Prgogramming Suite

WSweld References

MAN Logo

“ We spent a lot of time on the subject of laser welding. It is clear to me that without WSoptics's competence in redesigning our parts, we wouldn’t be where we are today. Our previous laser welding attempts were always based on the original part construction. I can say in complete confidence that WSoptics helped us tremendously in making progress here. It’s nearly impossible to invest 0.8 million Euros in a laser welding robot without a proper test phase and test-bed evaluation. Thus the relatively small invest in WSweld was a real blessing for us. We can now do further experiments in laser welding and develop a business case in which we can use facts and don’t need to base it on assumptions.” — Sven Leider, Business Development, LKW Komponenten s.r.o.

Kaercher Logo

“We spent a full year carefully investigating laser welding options and made a clear decision for WSweld. The system has many advantages, like its simple handling and its low investment needs. The same day WSweld was delivered and installed, we could already start welding production parts in top quality. WSoptics has been a pleasure to work with, both in terms of the technical expertise they offer as well as their customer service. We look forward to fully implementing WSweld for use in our serial production. ” — David Mangels, production planning, Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG

KM Logo

“WSweld is a great addition to our production! Laser welding shows no part derformation and creates beautiful seams, even when welding deeply. WSweld is very simple to use and works out of the box.” — Boris Malsy, CEO, KM Blechbearbeitung GmbH

Dieringer Logo

“For us, the first laser welding job paid off WSweld entirely. The system uses the existing laser. This means the initial investment is much lower than with a stand-alone laser cell, but the quality is the same..” — Christopher Kern, CEO, Dieringer Blechbearbeitung OHG

Hase Logo

“In the past, we considered starting laser welding several times. Because of its high initial investment, getting a laser welding cell was never a feasible option for us. By purchasing a new automatic laser cutter, we ot spare capacity on our existing Trumpf laser cutter L2530 plus. We found it ideal to use this extra capacity for laser welding. Through WSweld, we now have the possibility to explore this new technology with a much lower investment. Since our personell is very well-trained for the machine, installation, training, and initial operation could all be done in one day.” — Elmar Willems, head of product development, Hase Kaminofenbau GmbH

Goetz Logo

“Together with its tube cutting axis, our laser cutter gained a tremendous amount of flexibility and variability! Cutting metal sheets, cutting tubes, and laser welding all in a single machine with minimal set-up times! We currently change parts from hand to laser welding whenever possible. This saves us extra worksteps that hand welding requires and laser welding doesn’t.” — Stefan Burghard, CEO of Werkzeugbau-Stanzerei Walter Götz GmbH